Simplicity paid off for Melissa and Sams wedding day. They opted for a garden wedding at Sams Mothers home in Mt Eden. It was a small space but beautifully cared for and it made for a really sweet and intimate setting.

      After getting ready at M Social on the Auckland viaduct the bridal party headed to the ceremony venue to be greeted by Sam and Melissa’s nearest and dearest. My favourite moment was Melissa being led down the “aisle” by her emotional Dad. Her face lit up along with all her guests (and Sams of coarse!) and you could just feel the love and joy and support for the couple.

      Instead of rushing off to do the bridal portraits Sam and Melissa stayed with their guests for an hour or so which meant they could mix and mingle and enjoy the celebration with their friends and family.

      We headed to the Auckland Domain for the bridal portraits. We didn’t have to go far to find a good location and as it was just the couple it was such a nice time for them to get some time together and enjoy the quietness of the moment. I had already spent time with Melissa and Sam for their engagement shoot so I pretty much just let them be (with a little guidance) and we got some beautiful authentic loved up moments.

      The next location of the day was The Vodka Room. They had hired the upstairs private bar. Super cool but tricky lighting as there was a red light dominating the room. For the guests it created a really warm inviting atmosphere but I definitely had to work hard to make sure I took images that reflected the mood of the evening without ending up with everyone looking well RED.

      It’s been 6 months since Melissa and Sam said “I do”. Looking back on their images has made me smile. Seeing the Joy and such precious moments documented forever reminds me why I love my job. It really is such a privilege to be part of such an important day in the lives of two precious souls.

      I hope you enjoy their story too!